Learn Why Hospitality and Retail Brands Like Marco Polo Hotels, 3M, Qatar Airways, Tokio Marine Asia, and more use SocialMetric to Generate Sales and Measurable Engagement and How You Can Too!

Everyone knows the importance of being on social media but how do you justify the costs of hiring one marketer, one developer, and one designer to execute your social media marketing campaign?

Furthermore, without a proven track record of demonstrating ROI, the task of hiring three individuals in-house is a costly experiment.

However, when gotten right, Social Media marketing allows you to target your niche and constantly interact with your consumer at a fraction of the cost. This is an ideal solution for the climbing cost of print and the fragmentation of media that have diversified our consumer attention.

So, instead of experimenting and losing out on opportunity cost, come find out how our team can bring you the results you desire. Here at, SocialMetric we use a proprietary methodology, C3 System, to map out the strategy that we deliver results to our clients.

Listening to the Conversation
Identify Strategic Objective Before any execution, a social media campaign must be in line with the client’s marketing strategy. In this phase, we will explore the client’s strategic objective and assist in translating it into a social media strategy.
Establish KPI From the strategic objective, KPI’s are set up to track and measure the effectiveness of a campaign. There are 24 different types of ROI that can be tracked. View this video for more information click here.
Set Social Media Monitoring An analysis report will be produced to find out what people are talking about the client or its related industry on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Blogs, etc.).
Growing the Community
Media Buys Split testing strategy will be executed on all media buy and will be monitored daily, selecting the advertisements that have generated the best results for the client. Bidding strategies may also be changed along the way as Social Metric aims to reduce the cost-per-click of the Facebook advertisements.
Integration In this phase we will also explore other opportunities to leverage on what the client already have to grow their following on Facebook. This could be from their website, e-mail database, in-store posters, etc.
Engage Influencers The third strategy to garner more following is through careful sourcing and selection of influencers. The appropriate influencers will be recommended and relationships will be grown.
Engaging the Customers
Map Content Strategy A Brand Audit session will be done to sift out the brand’s core values and to build a concrete brand persona and buyer’s avatar allowing us to create content that will hit the audience at the heart.
Set Up Engagement Framework In setting up an engagement framework, the 3 key components in captivating your audience’s attention are content management, word of mouth campaign and social relationship management.
Monetize And Measure Finally, through the campaign effort, results will be promptly tracked and reported for follow up actions.

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Managing a social media page is easy. Generating sales and leads is another story. Speak to us today, and we’ll see how we can help!

“…Proved the true value of social media ROI…”

We realized how social media could be so useful to us after working with SocialMetric. Although they exceeded expectations in the number of likes and engagement, they didn’t just stop there. They even went on to quantify and tie everything into our organization’s objective and proved the true value of social media ROI from there.

Arifin Chia

MarComms, Singapore Management University, Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE)

“…Exceeded the agreed KPIs by over 100%…”

I worked with SocialMetric with the objective of boosting the awareness of one of our upcoming product launches. Overall, the team has exceeded the agreed KPIs by over 100% and turned the whole campaign into an overwhelming success. Very impressive indeed.

Maybelline Tan

Brand Manager, Pernod Ricard / Absolut

“…Calculate ROI with a quantifiable method…”

Thanks to SocialMetric, we understand the true value of social media. Yes, we got a lot of likes and a very high engagement rate that boosted our brand awareness in a very quantifiable method. But the amazing team even added more value and calculated the actual Return on Investments that we received from our social media campaigns and the results were phenomenal.

Cindy Lau

Senior Marketing Executive, JobStreet.com Singapore

Are you looking to…

  • Generate sales leads from your social media marketing?
  • Reactive a cold community on Facebook page?  
  • Combat against Facebook’s decreasing reach and continue to gain measurable engagement with your community?

Call us for a no obligations chat (it’s true)

Managing a social media page is easy. Generating sales and leads is another story. Speak to us today, and we’ll see how we can help!