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We started out at a time when social media was a new thing. Even until now, it still is on its early stages of development. It has been a big challenge for us to prove to our clients that they can achieve their marketing objectives. This is because there was no rules to follow, no limits set, and no framework in place to guide us.

Nonetheless, we were able to create one, the C3 system. We proved to our clients that our system works, not only in making them visible, but in achieving their targeted social media goals.

Our clients may have come from different backgrounds, but they all stood at the same starting point when they entered social media. Applying the C3 system, we were able to make them get ahead of the competition, lead the industries they represent and secure a solid audience that matter to their business.

We couldn’t have gone this far if not for the people who took part in implementing the C3 system in clients’ social media campaigns. We are proud to say that our team roster is composed of individuals who are creative, curious and always yearning to learn more.

We are not afraid to discover what else is there, to go beyond where we are now.

If you want to be part of a history in the making, if you want to put your ideas into action, and if you want to collaborate with minds that share the same aspirations you have, then SocialMetric is where you should be.

We’ve built a talented, multidisciplinary team of online marketing rock stars. If you’re an entrepreneurial social-minded online marketing leader, we may have a place for you at SocialMetric.
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