Who We Are

Learn how the story behind the measurable social media firm, SocialMetric.

SocialMetric Pte. Ltd. established its business of measurable social media marketing in 2010. It was created with the focus that social media marketing should be predictable, consistent, and ultimately, measurable.

SocialMetric is most famous for helping a global airline generate US$ 1,100,000 in 48 hours using the firm’s C3 System.

Led by agency and performance marketing insiders, we do what we do because we want to transform companies into category leaders and help them maintain category leadership using social media and search marketing.

We believe that growing companies with great products are the foundation of a thriving and sustainable environment.


When it comes to the business operations of SocialMetric, Clement is the go-to guy. He may have a bubbly personality and contagious laugh, but at the same time he handles company management with an iron fist –- in a positive way.

He may have just recently earned a degree in psychology at the Singapore Management University, but Clement has been applying the lessons he learned ever since SocialMetric was established. Seasoned by experience, he is known for rigorously implementing a step-by-step, systems-driven approach to every task, on every team member, to make sure that all company operations work as smoothly as possible.

Marcus is more than just another name in digital marketing: he is a visionary, a man with creative insights and a bestselling author (Secrets to Facebook Marketing: A 7-step PROVEN FORMULA to Generate MORE LEADS and PROFITS from Facebook). A student of life, Marcus was able to establish himself as a person of authority particularly for clients who are looking forward to finding success in social media.

Ambitious, driven, and always hungry for results — these are the things that best describe Marcus in handling the duties of client leadership in SocialMetric. On a personal level, Marcus is very approachable and knows how to keep his feet on the ground.

Industry Recognition

Speaking Engagements


In this session, participants will learn how we helped an airline generate USD 1,100,000.00 in 48 hours and how we helped an engineering giant save SGD 760,000.00 in media value across 3 months.

Participants will learn the firm’s C3 System that enables brands to generate revenue from social media. Participants will leave with action steps to implement in office immediately.

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In this session, participants will learn the 24 metrics to understanding social media. Participants will to have a better understanding on the entire customer experience journey and how to have a more intimate sense in measuring and improving this.

Marcus will share different metrics and work with the participants to identify new metrics for them to use immediately in the office.

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In this session, your participants will learn:

  • Get a breakthrough in number of shares in your content
  • How to get a sudden influx of fans and followers coming to your social equities for FREE
  • Discover the real frustrations and aspirations of your target audience which they would NEVER admit to you

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Recent Events

6th November 2012

Join our Director of Social Media – Marcus Ho – at the 2nd Asia E-commerce Conference in Malaysia as he shares with the delegates on the intricacies of calculating social media ROI!

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