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What Every SME Owner Must Know About Generating More Revenue

How to Increase Revenue

Everyone knows the importance of being on social media. How do you justify the costs of hiring one marketer, one developer, and one designer to execute your social media marketing campaign? Furthermore, without a proven track record of demonstrating ROI, the task of hiring three individuals in-house is a costly experiment.

Instead of experimenting, our clients choose to use our SocialRev™ and SearchRev™ packages to generate more revenue from social media and search. Choose which best describes you:

You are a B2C Company You are a B2B Company

“Experienced an Increase in Visitors and Page Views to Our Website”

Through the expertise and dedicated work of SocialMetric, we dominated the first page of Google with multiple keyword rankings. We are very impressed with their service, and also experienced an increase in visitors and page views to our website.

Adele Tan

Senior Brand Manager, FreshKon® Cosmetic Contact Lenses

“Showed Us the Dollars and Cents of ROI”

The team (at SocialMetric) quantified the value of each fan, and showed us the dollars and cents of ROI we got from our social media campaign.

Gordon Lee

Marketing Manager, Home-Fix DIY Pte Ltd

Our B2C clients use SocialRev™ to generate revenue from social media.

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Our B2B clients get best results from our SearchRev™ packages.

SearchRev™ incorporates the best services from our search team to provide our clients with immediate results from search marketing.

Speak with a Digital Marketing Professional

Share your needs and learn how we can help.

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