3 Questions You Should Ask Before Posting Content

By: Ann Kristine Peñaredondo

Facebook is undoubtedly the king (or queen?) of social media. There are approximately 1.317 billion monthly active users (Source: DMR) in the world, spending an average of 8.3 hours per month on Facebook.

This translates to a huge opportunity for brands: a (mostly free) way to engage your targeted audiences across any market, regardless of budget and geological constraints.

Do you know how to leverage on this opportunity?

Social media is an engagement tool, a far cry from the style and purpose of traditional media. Content, then, must have a different style, a different purpose, and must ultimately, engage your target audience.

Here are 3 questions you, or your social media team, have to ask before posting content:

1. Do you know your target audience?

In the age of data, there really is no excuse not to know your target audience well. Beyond understanding your audience’s demographics and behavioural patterns, discover what makes your target audience tick, when are they generally on Facebook, and what they like and dislike.

Your engagement metrics will thank you for it.

2. Can your audience relate to your content?

Once you understand your audience, you should strive to engage them. Actively curate and put up content that engages your audience, and keep an eye on what works and what does not. That funny cat videos may have you doubled over, but they may not tickle your fans!

3. Is your content shareable?

A good piece of content is not only relatable, but highly shareable. When a fan share your content, the possibility of your content being seen by more Facebook users and going viral is higher. It also drives up your engagement metric score.

Since you understand your target audience by now, think also about what will elicit shares: is it a tip, a recipe, or a newsy piece of information that will get them sharing?

Follow these 3 easy steps, and you should see your fan count and engagement metrics growing. Remember: consistency and reliability is key.

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Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo is a social media expert, writez whiz, and the Chief Exceptional Officer (CEO) of her virtual assistant blog, ANN Exceptional VA. When she's experiencing a writer's block, she laces up and goes for a run. Follow her on Google+ (ñaredondoExceptionalVA/) and Twitter (@annkristineruns).

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